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For over ten years a fixed point of live music: hundreds of events, concerts. shows, clubs, theaters but also the organization of events where music is required.

A perfect balance between artistic project, professionalism and reliability that has seen them play in Italy and abroad (Europe and the United States).


Sounds of acoustic instruments, voices that arrange, break up and recompose.

Samuele and Nicola interpret the great hits of international music, from pop to folk, from rock to reggae, completely live in an acoustic key in an original, personal and delicious blend crowned by three albums, "Good Songs - rearrangements", "The kiss series” and “Back to pop - part.1”

Sophisticated and listening when needed, engaging and fun if the concert and the public require it: Samuele and Nicola have a live experience of 12 years and hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad (Switzerland, France, United States) behind them.


Both professionals in the field, Samuele is a singer and guitarist with hundreds of concerts to his credit as a band leader throughout Italy and abroad, Nicola is a guitarist and session player and has played for great artists on tours and concerts throughout Europe, Egypt, Switzerland, United States, Mexico and Chile, as well as having 3 acoustic instrumental albums with American guitarist Brad Myrick (of which Wanderlust, nominated among the 10 best jazz records of the year at the New England Music Award and best concert in the state, New Hampshire from The Hippo magazine).


Together, Samuele and Nicola toured the US with singer-songwriter and guitarist Brad Myrick, in a series of concerts in New England, Missouri and Illinois, as well as guest professor at two US universities of music the “Lewis and Clark community college” and “St. Louis Wildwood community college”.

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